Moscow attack: Putin says all four suspects arrested after 133 killed at concert hall

Russian President Vladimir Putin says all four gunmen who carried out a deadly attack at a packed concert venue in Moscow have been arrested.

When the attackers attacked the building and set it on fire, they killed at least 133 people and injured over 140 more.

According to authorities, 11 persons were seized in total, including four shooters who were apprehended on their way to Ukraine.

The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack.

On Saturday, Amaq, an IS-linked news agency, posted an image of the four masked men they said were engaged in the assault to Telegram. Russia has not responded to the IS assertion.

In a televised address, Mr Putin condemned the massacre – the deadliest in Russia for nearly 20 years – as a “barbaric terrorist act” and repeated earlier suggestions by Russian security services that the attackers had tried to escape to Ukraine.

Kyiv dismissed the claim that it was some way involved in the attack as “absurd”.

When the shooting began, there were up to 6,200 people attending a Friday night rock concert by veteran band Picnic.

One video shared online showed three individuals in camouflage strolling across the concourse, opening fire on members of the public before reloading and entering the hall.

Crowds of people were seen shouting and fleeing in terror when the guys stormed in. Others were spotted hiding beneath their seats as the men fired into the audience.

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